Jack Hales

b. 2001 15 May, (age 18)

+61 430 525 909



Analytics: Creative approaches to risk analysis and forecasting possible contingent realities. Proactive and intuitive reporting of critical business data adapted from using strong systematic and creative skills coupled with programming for big-data and heuristical analysis. Enthusiasm to make anything a reality with raw data.

Communications: Communicates swiftly to stakeholders, employers, peers, clients and other vested interests through the oral or written mediums. Voicing other’s worries and actively listening.

Leadership and Teamwork: Readily assumes decisionmaking and delegation of team projects through collective conscience, goal-setting, progress reporting and an accessible environment for improvement. Constantly promoting a hard-working environment as a dependable benchmark.

Programming: Built websites, frameworks and apps through industry-standard development protocols. Self-teaching has resulted in the discipline and application of modern technologies, giving me a solid foundation to swiftly learn and apply emerging technologies quicker than institutionalized education programs. Tool-equipt to debug, create, drive traffic/business, diagnose malfunctions, re-code, update, email, manage data, manage social media, and present findings. Always interested in learning new and distinct technologies.


2012-2018: Have not applied for jobs or received professional paid work.


2019: Graduating High-School from Kempsey Adventist School.


BETFAIR, PROFIT ANALYSIS, STRATEGY CREATION                        SEP 2019 - PRESENT          

  • Learning new technologies and APIs
  • Breaking down a system (horse racing) to create a sound framework to quickly develop ideas into live reality
  • Assessing ‘idea’ on historical performance, therefore back-testing against terabytes of data as well as heuristically-spiced data to create a profile for each ‘idea’
  • Formulating feasibility
  • Close teamwork with BetFair employees, such as Kerrin Grosvenor (API specialist) and Pete Jones (VIP account manager).
  • Algorithm development, efficiency, communication

CHROME APP CREATION “DAY LINEUP                                                 SEP 2019 - SEP 2019          

ART HSC ROBOT                                                                                              JAN 2019 - SEP 2019          


BPM GUITARS (BPM G.)                                                                        JAN 2018- NOV 2018          

KAS FORM APP                                                                                            JAN 2017-MAR 2018          


Jotham Kingston

Entrepreneur & Kempsey Adventist School HS-Teacher

“Jack Hales has a mind like a runaway freight train! He is highly creative and analytical, and it will be no surprise to me to discover in a few years that he's at the cutting edge of some innovative technology or process, or is half way to Jupiter. Get on the Jack Hales train now, while you can still afford it!"