Simple Introduction

As an 18-year-old Australian progressing developer going through high-school, I’m looking to expand my career opportunities as well as document some of the neat programming things that I manage to get upto.

During high-school I picked up 2 units of Art Studies, throughout this course I quite enjoyed the physical creativity, though one aspect of it got me quite interested in finding a way to instead apply some sort of “virtual” creativity - I wanted to apply robotic theory as well as programming to create something like never before. With my young and spritely optimism (hence: “the thinking optimise”), I set out to create some weird massive program. I’ll be documenting this throughout my blog as I make progress, but I just wanted to give a brief introduction to it’s concept.

But to continue, why blog?

Well, employers like it, and so do new learners looking for a place to find interesting ideas that may have not been thought of before. One example is my project, This project set-out to use recently updated features of Chrome to create a weird social-media-esk implementation, and it works (kind of…)

See, the thing is, when you build these independent projects, they get out of hand quickly and bugs get harder and harder to independently maintain. That’s the main focus of this blog… To give you the real reason for their creation, as well as their demonstration, without the risk of it breaking right in your hands. As well, it’s a good time for me to reflect.

I hope you enjoy the completely vague introduction, but I wish to do some really wacky, innovative, and weird stuff in the future. Come on that ride.


Written on May 31, 2019